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Add a Fireplace to the Living Room

Adding a fireplace to your home allows for many different types of fireplaces and different areas where you install them. There are wood burning, electric, gas and chimneys or no chimneys. Once you see the choices, you may find yourself wanting s fireplace in many rooms.

If you love the fire and want the cozy feeling, but you do not want the smoke, try an electric fireplace, these are smokeless and odorless. The beautifully designed fireplaces accent the rooms where installed and provide warmth and a cozy feeling on those cold winter nights.

Chimneys are on the way out due to electric and smokeless fireplaces. You know longer need the added expense of the outdoors chimney. The inside can look like the chimney is there but it will be by design not necessity. The mantles now can be designed in any way because of the gas and electric fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are an example of a fireplace with or without a chimney the fireplaces today have become flue less, meaning no chimney is needed. The gas fireplace may replace a ugly space heater for a more improved way to heat a room. Turning them no requires flipping a switch and unbelievably, they have a remote control for some models.

The wood fireplace stills accent home new and old. People just like the crackling sounds and enjoy the warmth it gives off. You do need a chimney with this type of fireplace, so an outside wall or the center of many rooms coming together would be a great place for the wood fireplace.

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