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Turn the Basement into a Nice Family Room

Have large basements or a small basement; you can build that family room downstairs for even more room in the home. You can leave the outer walls bricks and apply a sealer and a coat of paint. For the rest of the basement build walls to separate the family room from the wash area and the furnace and water heater. In other words, add another room to your house by building some walls.

Install a drop ceiling and some lighting to create a comfortable room. Drywall and two by fours to form the walls and a ceiling kit to create the ceiling. Add an engineered floor, which is great for basements or use a carpeting of some kind for extra cushioning. When building the walls remember to install the plates for television and surround sound along with a phone jack.

Always remember to design the room first, you may wish to make changes if the room size does not fit your needs. Once this is accomplished, frame in the room with the two by fours and remember to place your studs so many feet apart in compliance with code.

Turning the basement into a nice family room does not cost a lot of money and done to any dry basement, if you do have a wetter basement; sump pumps help eliminate this problem and prevent water in the basement. Since you will not have, windows plan your lighting accordingly. The nice thing is the pool table or gaming system your can add to the big screen TV you put in along with the decorative bar.

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