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How To Choose The Best Table Saw

If you are in the market for a reliable table saw, select one perfect for you at a price you can afford by checking out the best table saws available online. For producing precise, straight cuts, a quality table saw is a popular tool and makes a great addition to the home workshop. The question is only, what makes one saw better than another, and how will you recognize it? Here’s what to look for:
* a saw made by a good, quality manufacturer,
* with features that are needed for the use you intend to make of it.

A table saw contains a motor-driven circular blade mounted under a rigid metal table, and the blade protrudes up through a slot in the table. Under the table are the blade-tilt and the blade-height adjustment mechanisms. On the table are such things as the miter gauge, blade guard, and anti-kick-back mechanism. The wood to be cut is passed over the blade and a removable rip fence and a miter gauge hold the wood in place as it is being cut. You, the cutter, use push sticks and hold-downs, which are safety gadgets to move the wood along and keep your hands away from the blade. Other safety features are pusher hooks and feather board clamps. In addition to ripping long boards and crosscutting wide panels, you can angle the blade to make miter cuts, bevel cuts, or use a dadoe head to cut groves.

The Best Table Saws Are Quality Tools

The quality of a table saw is judged by the design of the tool, the manufacturing and finishing process, and the materials used.
1. The process of drop-forging metal tools is more expensive than casting, but forging produces stronger, more durable, and safer tools. Most low-to-mid-priced saws have cast tables.
2. Good finishing can be judged by appearances: polished or chrome plated metal surfaces; smooth finished wood,.
3. A good, solid fence that doesn’t require a lot of adjusting is a quality feature.
4. Reliable manufacturers produce quality saws at all price ranges. Expect a higher price to reflect better performance and more accuracy with fewer adjustments required.

Features of the Best Table Saws
1 The size of the table is determined by the largest blade it can use: 8" to 16" or larger. The most popular blade size for the home workshop is 10," which cuts through a 31/2" thick board. Look for a saw that cuts at least a 3" thick board for general home projects.
2. If you expect to cut lots of large panels, remember they must be fully supported during the cutting process. In general, a large table is good, and better than wings that are bolted on the table to provide extensions. You can also buy extensions or rig saw horses to provide support. The mid-range table saws should be able to cut through to the middle of a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood, which is a 25" rip capacity.
3. More expensive table saws have stronger, more stable blade-elevation mechanisms, which means fewer adjustments like Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, and DeWalt table saws.

Other Points to Ponder
Don’t forget that most manufacturers produce several models of the tools they offer and will aim to satisfy every customer, whether the buyer is looking for inexpensive, mid-range, or top of the line saws. For instance:
1. Bosch manufactures mid-to-high-end tools, and owns the mid-range brand Skil.
2. Delta is a division of Rockwell manufacturers, and the Rockwell line includes high-end table saws with cast iron tables. ( Rockwell recommends small table saws for general duties and large saws if you decide to build your own house.)
3. A quality Sears product is the Craftsman table saw, and Home Depot stocks Ridgid and Ryobi, among other brands.

If you can’t afford the quality table saw on which you have your heart set, watch for a sale, and don’t forget about second-hand (make sure they come with a warranty) and discount power tools. "Google" such sites as Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics Online, and The Canadian Home Workshop. Find yourself a great table saw and use it safely.

About the Author:
Scott Gray is currently a home improvement enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing tips to consumers who are looking for the best cordless drills and all types of table saws.


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