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Add a Sunroom for More Warmth in your Home

Sunrooms add even more warmth to your home with a glorious filled room with green plants and plenty of windows to allow the sunshine in during the day. Add a sunroom on your home and see the difference it makes on the interior of the home. Better yet, add a hot tub to your sunroom and enjoy your hot tub any time of the year.

Adding a sunroom on to your house is easier than what you think, if you have the room to expand out, you can have a beautiful room for getting some sun without battling the elements outside. A room filled with many windows and decorated with some wicker furniture adds the attraction of the room.

The flooring might be a ceramic tile or a type of indoor-outdoor carpeting to match the décor you select. Do the walls in a paneled wood grain or individual wood slats. For the doorway to the house, you may want to add even more beauty with swing open French glass doors, this adds to both rooms.

Determine the size you need, it does not have to be anything very big depending on your needs, but include enough room for the furniture, plants and the hot tub. This room will be an attraction to the outdoor setting as well. Plant the garden in direct view of the sunroom for comfortable days looking at the colorful array of flowers. Always remember to have windows that open for some sort of fresh air and allow the humidly out from the hot tub.

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