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Travertine Roman Style Flooring

Planning for the perfect flooring, travertine Roman styled tiles present an elegant accent to any room in the home. Try the tiling in Honey Gold and add a border to give a rustic view to the room. Travertine flooring for the most used room in the home, the kitchen. Accent the already spacious kitchen with tile flooring and add to the decor a bench and table set to give that over all country setting over looking the yard garden with beautiful summer colors.

Bring the sun indoors with a Marble Citrine tile with a glimmer radiating from the sunlight adding to the warmth and coziness once beautifully decorated with light colors and green foliage in antique planters for the transformation of any room into a garden paradise. Furniture of any style blends well with the travertine flooring and allows for a comfortable atmosphere.

Travertine in the bathroom decorated this room with an antique style tile adding decor to match the flooring and antique look. To protect your flooring from water droppings lay a throw rug down the accents the surrounding floor and decor. The style of bathroom and the décor will help you decide what type if travertine tile looks the best in the bathroom.

Travertine Roman tiles lay domain to the den or study. One cannot resist the urge to sit back and enjoy the decorative feel and sophistication of the room. A wall with a bookshelf neatly supplied with books accent the room setting bringing out the highlights of the flooring.

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