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No More Carpeting with Wood Laminates

A floor type that has become quite common is laminate wood. The color choices along with the openness of the room provides for wood flooring without the original hardwood floors that need extra care. Choosing darker wood or lighter color woods enhances any room.

A tiny gap around the room will require a type of molding to cover the gap and should match well with the floor color itself. Molding of any kind should add to the beauty of the floor and closely match the color. The reason for the gap is this becomes your expansion gap; the floor can expand and contract without damaging the flooring due to humidity or dryness in the home.

To clean the laminate, just use a damp mop and restore the shine to the floor. If you have this type of floor installed in a bathroom or kitchen, you will want to have throw rugs in front of tubs and sinks to avoid standing water on the floor. Put some sort of leg protection on the furniture to protect the floor from deep scratches when moving furniture.

Installing the wood floor is as easy as a puzzle, the tongue and groove provides for easy snap together flooring. Stagger the boards to make a pattern or place end to end for a straight look. The only time you need to make any cuts is when you reach the wall or other fixtures. Do one room or the entire house, the floor goods great in any area of your home.

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