I hired Mr. Scott (Donnie) Bryant to build my custom home in California. Once he began not paying our subcontractors and has been in breach of contract, I began looking further into all of the information he and/or his office gave me. I later came to find that his contractor's number he gave me did not belong to him or anyone he was affiliated with, and that he STILL does not have a contractor's licence today according to the Virginia and California Board of Contractors. He currently has taken $32,700 of ours (in September 2005), has not done any work, and is refusing to return our money. So, I have now taken this to federal courts, and this is expected to go to court in the next year. Consequently we were forced to sell our land, and not build the dream home we looked forward to. This has happened to 5 others across various states in the United States. DO NOT hire Mr. Donnie Scott Bryant of DS BRYANT CONSTRUCTION INC to to ANY work. If you too have experienced any problems with him please respond to this thread.