I hired Mike's Roofing after a major hail storm in the Denver Metro area May '10. Mike agreed to do the roof, gutters, fence, screens and paint the front porch and back of house. Mike's employees did not show up to do the job one weekend due to an expired drivers license by a driver/employee, did not show up on time at any time, left to purchase materials for another job while working on mine, spilt paint on my roof and refused to replace roofing materials saying it did not compromise the integrity of the roof (and it doesn't), gutters leaked and had to be fixed and out of square (they work, just look bad), the down spouts have fallen off. But the big one is the paint job. The painter they hired spot painted my home using my can of original paint (now darker than the fadded house color) and the color they purchased, lighter than the fadded color, leaving my home covered in 3 shades of green spots!!! I paid him for the job less the cost I paid to have only the green siding painted. He deducted the cost of his painting and feels that I should pay him the remainder. I refuse as I we had agreed I would deduct the cost of repainting my home. He has now placed a lien on my home. Any one know how this should be handled or how I go about getting it removed without having to pay him an amount he is not justified to receive??? Help.