We are looking at property in middle TN. We know we want to build a guest house on the property we purchase. However, with all I read about land "perk'ing" for a certain number of bedrooms for septic, I am worried about purchasing a property on which we cannot build a full guest house. So, my question is: If land perks for 3 bedrooms but the land is 2 acres, does that mean only 3 bdrms on the whole 2 acres or if we are a certain distance from the existing septic can we add another for guest house? And, if there is a certain distance . . . does it vary by county? If anyone can help me before I go view properties next week it would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you are a middle tn contractor . . . I would love to get your contact info. We have to find property and close escrow within 180 days so we will be starting project early 2017. Thank you!

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