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Missouri License
State licensing board #: No state license required

Specialty Trades

Architects: Missouri Department of Economic Development Division of Professional Registration Missouri Board for Architects 3605 Missouri Boulevard, Suite 380 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102 Post Office Box 184 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0184 (573) 751-0047; Fax (573) 751-8046

Asbestos: Missouri Department of Natural Resources Missouri Department of Natural Resources Air Pollution Control Program (Asbestos) Post Office Box 176 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102 (573) 751-4817

Landscaping: Missouri Land Architectural Council - P.O. Box 471 - Jefferson City MO 65102 - Phone: (314) 751-0877

Pest Control: Dept of Agriculture - Div. of Plant Industries - P.O. Box 630 - Jefferson City MO 65102 - Phone: (314) 751-2462

Real Estate Appraisal: Real Estate Appraisers Commission - 3605 Missouri Blvd. Jefferson City MO 65102 - Phone: (314) 751-0038

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