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>>>> Welcome to the homepage for Morales Brother Masonry.
>> Morales Brother Masonry
Contractor License # 6997
>> Insurance Coverage

The insurance is ¨Jackson-Whaley-Vreeland Agency, Inc¨ Agent Name- Angelique Soto-Avila Agent phone #-(919)781-6716
>> References

>> Company Biography

Me and my borther have been working with masonry for quite a long time. My brother Jose Moales has been working in masonry for 14 years and I Alejandrom Morales have been working for 10 years.
>> Why should the Customer Hire you?

I think the costuemrs should hire me because i have working with masonry for a long time and i know what i am doing. We will do what you want us to do. We also have good pices and if you think they are not good we will work something out so you can get the orice that you want.
>> Explain your area of Specialty

The area of speciality that i work most on is anything that has to do with masonry.
>> Primary Trades

>> Special Awards

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